Our Society

Founder Members of Endometriosis Society India

Dr. B. N. Chakravarty (President), Mr. P. Das Mahapatra (Sec. General)
Dr. Pradip K. Mitra (Deputy Sec General), Dr. Abhijit Ghosh (Assistant Secretary)
Dr. Nirmala Pipara (Treasurer)
Dr. Mandira Mukherjee, Dr. Sangeeta Agarwal (Members)

Please Visit us at www.endosocind.org

What do We do in Endometriosis Society India

Endometriosis Society India was established in 2003 under the leadership of Dr. B. N. Chakravarty and Mr. Pramathes DasMahapatra with like-minded colleagues who realised that Endometriosis, at least in our country, has been a sub-optimally acknowledged, understood, diagnosed and treated health condition. On the other hand, the more it is neglected, more the patient suffers; the physical disease progress with all its symptoms and the psychosocial burden tops up.

Endometriosis Society India has been formed with the belief that there is an immense scope of activities in the fields like learning, research, training and updating medical community on endometriosis, exchange of ideas and experiences and making people aware about this dreadful disease through a dedicated platform.

We won’t say that we have done much. After organizing a three days’ National Congress in 2004, we realized that small focused CMEs and Seminars would help more for raising awareness about the disease. Over the last 13 years we have organised Ten ‘One Day Endometriosis’ programmes and about 50 CMEs over 20 cities in India. We have kept ourselves busy arranged awareness campaigns in teenage school girls, organising national survey on endometriosis, participating in research activities in collaboration with National Organisations like ICMR and IICB, Kolkata. In November 2015, we organized our first ever International Congress on Endometriosis (ICE 2015) which was a grand success with 456 delegates from home and abroad.

We know, these are only small steps like a toddler and there still miles to go.

If you wish, we will be more than glad to have you amongst us.